Three years ago @juliangumbo challenged me to draw “Chuck Norris vs. Caterpie while Morgan Freeman poops out a rainbow” It’s almost 3AM and I can’t sleep so this is what I have so far #art #chucknorris #pokemon #whatamidoingwithmylife

"The Fuckboy"

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Commission work done! Waiting for the $$$

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Finally scanned them! 

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Marilyn photographed by Milton Greene, 1953.

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Henry Hargreaves photographs last meals of prisoners on death row to discuss “this macabre little ritual” of execution.

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Title: Criminal Artist: Fiona Apple 17,491 plays


*crowd surfs* 

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In 1995, Tupac was sued by the estate of a slain Texas Trooper. The Trooper’s family claimed Tupac’s music incited police shootings.

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I really fucking want to see what I look like through somebody else’s eyes

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anonymous compliments are so cute like their only aim is to make you feel better, they dont want any respect or personal thanks, just the satisfaction knowing they made someones day, now how fricken cute is that am i right

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